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The topic of Vaccination has become very contentious. Reasons for this include the following:-



  •  The early success of Vaccines such as Chickenpox has solidified the beliefs and expectrations of many
  •  More recently vaccines have included more biological materials, preservatives and adjuvants (to enhance the effect)
  •  Vaccination programs are liable to achieve diminishing returns because of the increase of the numbers of vaccines being advocated.
  •  Observations of the negative effects of vaccinations by parents are at variance with the claims of manufaturers and are not reflected in the reporting of adverse reactions.
    •   The decision on whether or not to vaccinate is problematic for many. It is difficult to give advice on this matter because problems could arise either way. This is why it is very important for everybody to devote the time and effort to studying the available information and research. There are many resources and key studies to help in decision making referenced on this site.

      Our immune systms have evolved over a long period of time to enable us to cope with infectious disease, otherwise we would be extinct long ago. Our best approach is to ensure we have good nutrition, whole foods, natural medicines, no antibiotics(except where absolutely necessary), and avoid toxic exposure

Government report links thimerosal laden vaccines to neurological disorders
This report has been practically ignored since 2003

Paul Offit threatens religious and philosophical exemptions. Suzanne Humphries, MD gives a reasoned response to Paul Offit's assertions

Thimerosol in Vaccines, Glutathione Function, and Autism
This seminal research which has been seriously ignored, illustrates that an inherited factor causes a wide variation in the population's toleration of mercury and other toxins in some Vaccines. It also explains why some epidemiological studies do not show a significant incidence of Autism due to Vaccinations - We are not clones and should not be treated as such

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This website is a comprehensive reporter of issues and information about vaccinations.and has an archive of all its reports. It is a pro-choice website

Dr Russell Blaylock on HPV vaccine...
Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock exposes the claims about the Human Papilloma Virus and the Vaccine

Vaccines did not save us- 2 Centuries of Official Statistics.
A study of historical data showing how infectious disease mortality was declining before the introduction vaccines. Includes lengthy comments from protagonists

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