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Computerised Bioelectronic Testing

This technique, also called Electrodermal Screening (EDS), and Eltroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV), is a technique of testing the body’s reactivity to thousands of test items, using a Galvanometer to test skin resistance to acupuncture points, mainly on the hand and feet. It is based on the lifelong research and discoveries of Reinhold Voll, a medical doctor and acupuncturist. At the Natural Medicine Clinic we use two computerised test systems- The Bodyscan 2010 and the Nutrienergetics System. These techniques enable the identification of the causes and remedies for disease and medical problems. More

The main advantages of the testing system are:-

1. The majority of conceivable causes of medical problems is indicated, some of which are very obscure or unexpected..

2. Through biofeedback the Human Body indicates its reactivity to thousands of causes of, and remedies to, medical problems, and indicates which remedies are most likely to correct the problem.

3. The system is holistic in approach, looking at nutritional, genetic, traumatic, environmental, iatrogenic, emotional and spiritual causes of disease, and it is used to indicate only natural remedies. It can be used to assess the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs, and also to detect problems with foods, materials and other items of environmental origin Because this testing is partly an interaction between the client and the system, problems and remedies are indicated in a certain sequence which must be followed to achieve results. This can also be explained by the fact that older or earlier problems are masked deep in the tissues, often due to treatment with suppressive therapies. This means that in certain complicated cases, more than one test may be required, and this further testing may show previously hidden or deeper problems.

4. The system is ideal for the preventive approach to medicine. It can indicate problems developing long before any symptoms arise and corrective action can be taken to preserve, rather than trying to regain health.

5. This system, being based on the principles of energetic medicine, enables the energising of a Custom Remedy from the information collected during the test.

Definition of Electroacupuncture According to Voll  (from International Medical Association for Electroacupuncture according to Voll)

Through electrophysical measurements at accurately located anatomical points on the skin, the current state and the regulation dynamics of systems and subsystems of the human body are recorded and any malfunction and blocking of independent regulation mechanism determined. Resonance coupling detects the factors that interfere with the information transfer of the regulation systems and which constitute the actual causes of illnesses in the cybernetic sense. The purpose of the EAV Medical System Therapy is the recreation of the body's capacity for physiological regulation. The specifically required remedy is then selected through the resonance phenomena during the measurement."

The Nutrienergetics System

This computerised scan is also used in the Clinic. It indicates the need for a set of very effective bioenergetic remedies developed and researched by Peter Fraser

For more detailed information on this system see the NES website

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