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ASEA – A new application of the discovery of Redox Signalling in Cellular Biology.


The problem with Modern Medical Practice

The state of general health in the Western world is deteriorating to the point of crisis. This is in spite of the enormous increase in expenditure on drugs, surgery and other treatments.

Part of the reason for this is the fact that we are living in a progressively toxic environment, an environment that is being destroyed by the careless excesses of Manufacturing Industry, Agrichemicals, Genetically Modified Organisms and Pharmaceuticals. Allied to this is the fact that medical practice is in general concerned with the classification of any set of symptoms as a codified disease, without any investigation into causation.

It is a firm tenet of Naturopathic Medicine that toxicity is a primary cause of disease, especially chronic degenerative disease. In my opinion, it is therefore nonsense to treat disease with more toxins in the form of synthetic chemicals.

After 26 years of practice in Naturopathic medicine it is my observation that my patients are becoming progressively more disenchanted with pharmaceutical medicine as they recognise that not a single disease is caused by the lack of any drug or combination of drugs.

New Effective Solutions for Disease and Health Problems
I have seen in recent times the arrival of some very innovative and effective natural remedies, which contrasts with the dearth of approval of safe and effective new pharmaceuticals. Among these is a remarkable new remedy called ASEA, which is a stable preparation of recently discovered molecules which regulate a process in the cell known as Redox (Reduction-Oxidation) Signalling. The balance of the opposing forces of Reductants and Oxidants is essential for health and this is mediated by
Redox Signalling Molecules.
It is known that Anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C and E, and the metabolite Glutathione are important for the elimination of toxic substances known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), but recently it has been discovered that the activity of this elimination process is increased five-fold when sufficient Redox Signalling Molecules from ASEA are present in the cells.

Do not be dissuaded by the fact that there is a slight smell of chlorine from ASEA, nor by the fact that the ingredient is sodium chloride (common salt). The salt solution has been modified by a process that has more than 20 patents. For the technically minded, some of the Redox signalling molecules in ASEA are H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), HO2 (Hydrogen Superoxide), HOCl (Hypochlorite) and NO (Nitrous Oxide). It is the Hypochlorite that gives the smell of Chlorine(Cl2) but it is balanced by the other constituents and does not mean that those who are sensitive to Chlorine will react to ASEA.

This product has been demonstrated to help people with their health, energy and athletic performance. See www.amazingmolecules.com for product information and supporting research.Findings at the Experimental Biology 2012 Conference in San Diego of a new study fromthe Human Performance Laboratory showing increased power
output and endurance among competitive athletes. See www.moleculebalance.com/category/athletes-2

The study, released April 25, 2012, , found that after drinking ASEA, athletes experienced massive free-fatty acid mobilization in the blood PRIOR to exercise to a level normally found only after heavy exercise. Athletes also were found to benefit fromglycogen sparing (the use of noncarbohydrates as a source of energy during exercise) so that the depletion of muscle glycogen is delayed.

Business Opportunity
The manufacturers of this product have opted to distribute it through Multi-Level Marketing which means that it will not be available through the usual retail outlets. It will be available through distributors and direct orders from a distribution centre
located in Holland. Anybody can become an Associate and simply use the product for their own and their family’s needs, or by recommending the product to others a personal income can be generated. See http://www.amazingmolecules.com/business
for more information on this.

By enrolling as an Associate, you get a business related website to help you with the administration and promotion of the business. Your personal customers can then order direct through this website. See for example my website www.natmed2.teamasea.com

Through this website you can click on “join” to become a distributor, or “order” if you simply want to be a customer for the product. Select language “English (Netherlands)” Then can then choose to become a “Preferred” or “Retail” customer. (explained on the site)

If you need more information, contact Tony Hughes [email protected] or phone 01-2880352

My best wishes for peace and health to all

Tony Hughes


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